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Transient Shifts

Transient Shifts
>> Workshop & Showing with/by Akemi Takeya

Classes: 08-12.04.2024 / 18:00-19:30 - >> Saal - Seestadt Studios / >> Am-Ostrom-Park 11/TOP 1, 1220 Wien
Showing: 13.04.2024 / 17:00 - >> Saal - Seestadt Studios / >> Am-Ostrom-Park 11/TOP 1, 1220 Wien

Each class starts with voice and body training. I will teach my own basic perfomance methods of breathing and vocal techniques, for activation of body's energy, and exercises to strengthen the inner muscles and develop perceptual sensitivity, and floor movements based on aikido. In a parallel, we explore our own presence on stage, articulation, release and tension, reaction and action, instant selection and decision, orientation, condition, timing, personal history, face, attitude, gesture and sharing something. The second half of the class program consists of session format in adapting for the new project 'TRANSIENT SHIFTS - Beyond The Now in Breaking Out of the Body simply to let Us Fly Away' (working title).

This new science fiction-based performance piece is about Earthlings traveling back and forth to the fictional planet 'Ayviss' (a mysterious planet that Takeya is currently writing about). A training camp that teaches people the know-how of this great journey will be the centerpiece of the event. The final showing will be a performative journey to the Planet Ayviss with the participants in a work in progress .

>> https://www.akemitakeya.com